Saturday, October 2, 2010

Data Mining Tool II

C# is a lot like Visual Basic. I used to use VB back when I worked at O'Brien-Kreitzberg, and at other companies. I also used it for my own projects, like front-ends to test my genetic algorithms.

One of the things that I started to do is to use Datasets, data sources, and the data grid for my application. This is a lot different than in C++ or Java where people use classes to model. It's more like Entity-relationship modeling. There are keys -- primary keys, foreign keys, etc. Right now it's using XML schema, which is interesting as this is more standard than what they did before.

I've set it up and gotten the XML persistence of my dataset working. It's pretty easy to use. It was a lot easier to use than some other tools that I've used like Castor.

So far I like C# a lot. It's a lot like Java, but with .NET it has a lot of the features that I used to use with Visual Basic, so it's fairly easy to use.

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